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FREE web listings for Made in America Companies (132 A to Z Listed on July 4, 2022)

  - Veteran Companies

Number (Top)
11 Industries - Wallets, kits, bags - New York   
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A Ski Company — Skis - Colorado
ALU Design - Sports Display Cases - San Diego, CA      
American Dakota - American Dakota fine area rugs - Calhoun, GA   
American Flag & Pole Co. - Flags - Phoenix, AZ        
American Hat - Monterey Bay, California        
American Made Cap Company - Crowell, Texas      
Annin Flagmakers - Flags & patriotic decorations (Since 1847) - VA & OH      
Apt2B - Sofas, Sectionals, Sleepers and Home decor - Los Angeles, CA         
Arrowhead Tapes & Wraps - Premium Athletic Tape - Over 30 yrs - Andover, MA     
Aslan Mattresses - Supportive Back Health - Maryville, Tennessee         
Aspen Spas of St. Louis - Home Spas, Hot Tubs - St. Louis, MO      
Assault Forward - Reverse American Flag Pins - Bethesda, MD   F
ATLAS - Flags 7 flagpole,, banners, - Tucker, GA  
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Badami & Co - Leather Shoulder Straps, Wallets, Accessories - Los Angeles, CA   
BallQube — Sports Ball Display, Cubes, Bison Coolers - Cushing, TX   
Bevolo Gas & Electric Lights - Lights, Gas Lighting, Electric Lighting - New Orleans, LA    
Bewitched Candles - Soy Wax Candles - Abington, PA    
Billykirk - Bags, Wallets, Belts, etc.- Jersey City, New Jersey   
BING Surfboards - Encinitas, CA    - vimeo
Bobby Grace Putters — Golf Clubs, Putters - Highlands, NC   
Bollman Hat Company - "the oldest hat maker in the U.S." Since 1868 - Adamstown, PA      
Brad's - 100% plant based snacks- Pipersville, PA        - (Where to buy)
BraunAbility: Wheelchair lifts and ramps, transit vehicles - Winamac, IN
Broomcorn Johnny’s - Handmade Brooms -Windham, VT   
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C (Top)
c.HAIR.i.TEE - Hair Ties, Headbands - Texas and Montana   
CatTongue Grips - Non-Slip Grips for Cellphones & Mobile Devices - Park City, UT    
Chelsea Clock - Clocks, Barometers - Corp Chelsea, Massachusetts     
Clint Orms - Belt Buckles, Jewelry, Accessories - Ingram, Texas     
City Bonfires - Portable Heat Source - Maryland        
Covet Hats - Custom Hats - Austin, Texas
Custom Buttons - Custom, Promotional Buttons - Phoenix, AZ     
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Danforth Pewter - pewter holloware - Middlebury, Vermont     
DeckBagZ - Stand Up Paddle Board Bags - Clearwater, Florida        
Durable Corporation - Bumpers, Mats, Flooring - Norwalk, OH     

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Edward Field - Leather Cellphone Cases, Leather Goods - South Carolina     
Etherton Hardwoods - Wooden Flags - Worden, IL             
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FaceArmour - Cloth Face Masks - Mill Manor, MD   
Filter King - Air Filters - Miami, FL   
Filti - Face Mask Material - Kansas City, MO   
Flags Of Valor - Wooden Flags - Warchester, VA     
Fracture - Glass Photos - Gainesville, Florida     

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Good Stuff Coffee - Organic - Leave A Great Taste In Your Soul™ - Tustin, CA     
Grain Surfboards - 73 Webber Rd York, Maine    
Grainstack Wallets - guaranteed for life - Crested Butte, CO   
GRIP6 - Nylon Belts, Minimalist Buckles, Wool Socks, Wallets, Chess - (Stores)     
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Hammock Gear - Hammocks - Reynoldsburg, Ohio        
Hand and Hide - Leather Goods, Wallets, Cellphone Cases - Portland, OR     
Havstad Hat Co. - Madras, Oregon - Blog
Hell-Bent Holsters - Minimalist Wallets |- Hand-crafted in Texas     
High Sierra Showerheads - Shower Heads - Coarsegold, California        
Hitch and Timber - "American sourced materials, - Baltimore, MD - Blog
Holtz Leather - Leather Wallets, Journals, Belts, Accessories Huntsville, AL     
HoHo Hats - Santa Hats, Witch Hats, Knit Hats, Derby Hats    
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ICW - Device Mounts, Computer Mounts, Custom        
Iron Grip Barbell Company - Iron grip free weights        
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J Michael Leathersmith - Leather Wallets, Belts - Oregon  
Jack and Mary Designs - Hats, Mittens, Scarves - York, Maine   
Janessa Leoné - "All our hats are made in the USA" (handbags made in Spain)    
JIMMYCASE - Cellphone Cases - East Los Angeles   
Jojo's Candle Co. - Scented Candles, Morro Bay, CA  
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K (Top)
Knot Clothing & Belt Co.- Belts, Bags, Accessories - Charleston, South Carolina   
Kyle Switch Plates - Light Switch Covers  - Livermore, CA    
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M (Top)
Make & Stow - Wooden Boxes, Cutting Boards- Oregon   
MASLEY Gloves - Specialized Gloves, Military, law Enforcement. etc- Wilmington, DE  
McClure Tables - Shuffleboards - Jenison, Michigan     
Michigan Mittens - Mittens - Pontiac, MI   
Minuteman Watch Co. - Watches - Chenoa, IL     
Morlee Lampshade Company - Lampshades - Miami, FL   
MOTIV Bowling - Bowling Balls - Spring Lake, MI        
Murphy Door - Hidden Door Hardware, Bookshelf Doors - Lexington, KY     
My Whimsical Garden - Metal Art, Metal Signs, Home Decor - Apex, NC   

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Newberry Knitting - Gloves, Mittens, Hats - Schenectady, NY   
NOJ - Apparel for Motorcyclists - St. Paul, Minnesota
Nokona - Baseball & Softball Gloves - Nocona, Texas     
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O (Top)
Old Try - Letterpress Prints - Massachusetts     
One Star Leather Goods - Wallets, Covers, Sleeves, Belts - LA, California   
Oxgut Hose Co. - Mats, Bags, Totes - Vallejo, CA   
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P (Top)
Pack Rabbit - Backpack Frame System, - Dallas, Texas        
Peterboro Basket Co. - Peterborough, NH - Since 1854   
Plak That - Custom Printed Wooden Plaques - Ocean City, Maryland   
Pocket Plus - Cellphone Pouch - Cedar Falls, Iowa
Point-USA - Custom, Promotional Products, Award Items - Coventry, Rhode Island    
Polly Products - Plastic Park Benches, Picnic Tables - Mulliken, MI        
PoolCaster - Pool Chemical Dispenser - Cave Creek, Arizona
Porch & Hound - Waxed Canvas Blankets & Bags, Belts, Hats, etc. - Manakin Sabot, VA   
Pride Barco Lock Co. - Licking, Missouri - Since 1952     
Prudential Lighting Company - Lights, Lighting - Los Angeles, CA     
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Q (Top)
QMT Windchimes - QMT Windchimes - Clarksboro, New Jersey        
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R (Top)
Rebecca Ray Designs - Equestrian Caps, Belts & Accessories - Ohio   
Recycled Firefighter - Wallets, Backpacks, Covers, Bags - Louisville, KY     
Redline Steel - Metal Signs, Art - Huntsville, AL         
RePatriot Flag - Flags - "eco-friendly American Flags       
Revolution Balance Boards - Charlotte, North Carolina     
Rite in the Rain - Waterproof Notebooks - Tavoma, WA        
Rocka Design - Stepping Stones, Concrete Shaping Form - Lecanto, FL     
Rogue Industries - Slim leather wallets - Standish, ME   
Rushmore Rose USA - American Flags and poles - Wyomissing, PA   
Russell Moccasin Co. - Berlin, Wisconsin - Blog   
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Scott's Liquid Gold - Formulated with natural oils - Greenwood Village, CO      
Scough - Filter Scarves - Brooklyn, NY   
Seawicks Candle Company - Scented Candles, Boothbay, Maine   
Shoot-A-Way - Basketball Shooting Machine - Upper Sandusky, OH           
Simms Fishing - Fishing Waders - Bozeman, Montana        
Soft Gear - Soft baby products - North Carolina
Sounder Goods - Leather Sunglass Straps, Wallets, Watch Bands   
St. James Lighting - Lights, Gas Lighting, Lanterns, Chandeliers - Columbia, MS   

Stetson - Hats, boots, belts    
Stormy Kromer - Ironwood, MI      
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Texas Timber Bat Co. - Baseball Bats- Dallas, Texas     
Tactile Craftworks - Leather Journals, Clutches, Accessories - Milwaukee, Wisconsin     
The Bohlin Company - Belt Buckles - Dallas, Texas     
The Mosquito Shield - Transdermal Mosquito Protection - Lancaster, OH   
The Shoe Lace Factory - St. Louis, MO
The Stair Barrier - Stair Barrier for Pets & Children - About      
Thirteen50 Leather - Belts, Wallets - Menifee, CA     
Trayvax - Wallets - Bellingham, WA     
Turtleback Case - Cellphone Cases - Sylmar CA     
Twig Case Co. - Cellphone Cases - Waseca, Minnesota   
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U (Top)
U.S. Flag and Signal Co. Flag makers & Master Distributor - Portsmouth, VA    
Unionwear - Custom Hats, Bags, Binders; B2B - Newark, NJ     
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V (Top)
Valley Forge Flag Company - Flags - Wyomissing, PA (Founded 1882)
Viking Cues - Pool Cues - Middleton, WI           
Vintage Bison USA - Handcrafted Bison Belts - Corona, California    
VZWraps - Fabric Gift Bags - Philadelphia, PA    
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W Top)
Walls360 - Removable Stickers, Wall Graphics Los Vegas, NV - Blog -    
Walz Caps - Cycling Caps, Bike Hats      
Warbonnet Outdoors - Hammocks, Sleeping Systems - Evergreen, Colorado      
Waskerd - Leather Wallets, Bags - Norfolk, VA (Store)
Wendell August - Metal Gifts, Home Decor, Ornaments - Mercer, PA     
William Rogue & Co. - Outdoor Lifestyle Clothing & Accessories - Minneapolis, MN - Wine Cellar Racks - Tillson, NY -Sanitizing and disinfecting wipes - Northville MI    

Woodchuck - Saint Paul, MN     
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X (Top)
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Y Top)
Yellow 108 - Los Angeles, CA     
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Zippo - Genuine Zippo windproof lighters - Bradford, PA   
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