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Made in Virginia

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B2C (Business to Consumers)
US Retail Store Location


Annin Flagmakers - Flags & patriotic decorations (Since 1847) - VA & OH      
Porch & Hound - Waxed Canvas Blankets & Bags, Belts, Hats, etc. - Manakin Sabot, VA   
U.S. Flag and Signal Co. Flag makers & Master Distributor - Portsmouth, VA    

B2B (Business to Business)

US Based Manufacturer

Appalachian Machine Inc. 5304 Laboratory Street Dublin, VA 24084 (540) 674-1914 - Map
Industrial Automation Specialists Corp. 17 Research Dr. Hampton, VA 23666 (757) 766-7520, (800) 916-4272 F: (757) 766-7505
Marion Mold & Tool Inc. - Exit 47, Interstate 81, P.O. Box 967 Marion, VA (276) 783-6101

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Guide to Shops, Products and Services
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